Hospital lifts intended for the transport of patients, including those in vehicles and accompanying personnel. These elevators are managed by lift operator.
Lifts for health facilities designed to meet the requirements for the transportation of patients.

Benefits of the hospital elevator
Through the use of gearless drive significant (30-50%) reduction in energy consumption compared to similar lifts, equipped with gear (traditional) power lift;
Smoothness and precision stop;
Not changing the oil in the gearbox because of his absence in the system;
Lack of machine and block room;
Low noise from the elevator system - about 25 dB;
The ability to arrive at the nearest floor and providing door opening if will be disconnected power.

Technical specifications
Capacity: 13 persons/1000 kg, 17 kg and 21 persons/1275 persons/1600kg;
Door opening: 900mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm;
Cabin dimensions: 1100×2100, 1200×2300 and 1400×2400mm etc.;
Height: 40 m / 12 stops;
Speed: 0.5 to 1.6 m / s.

 Installing the hospital elevators of superior quality  is not required machine room, which is a direct saving valuable space and is in a significant simplification and reduction of the cost of construction of the whole building.
The ability to install an elevator in the hospital metal frame. High reliability and simple design that does not require the operation of any special parts or the expensive equipment.
Elevator control board is not encoded personal identification code and the ability to service any profile-trained personnel.
Elevators for hospital care settings allow you to set the cabin with different locations of automatic doors.
Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance, providing savings, construction and operating costs.
Service elevator maintenance has been organized by our company to ensure reliable operation of lifts.