Panoramic elevators are located in both shopping and business centers, as well as in hotels and homes. The open design allows passengers to enjoy the view, which is opened from the cockpit. Equipment installed as outside the building, and inside. Design completely in harmony with the character of the house and creates a sense of space, light and lightness.

There are two ways to install the panoramic elevators: a metal frame or glass shaft. In this case, the technical equipment of rope or hydraulic lift integrated into the overall aesthetic concept so that the technical component was shown to visitors of the building or had been hidden from them.

Panoramic lift - often complements the architecture of the building, whether it be hotel, shopping center, airport, business center or other building. He gives life to the style and image of the building, and passengers enjoy a beautiful view that attracts wanting to ride, increasing passenger traffic, which is especially important for shopping centers. People with claustrophobia also no problem to implement the rise in the panoramic elevator. Advantages in these elevators much - they do not need elevator shaft, the customer can save a few hundred square meters of buildings, and thus make a profit from their use, because the standard shaft for the elevator takes about 4 m2 of space, and the lift can be placed both outside and inside the building.