Parking sistems

The company "Elitlift" provides the supply and installation of parking systems.
We carry out all the necessary measures for commissioning parking systems of any type.

Prefabricated modular parking systems

These systems can be installed on one or more levels. Modules are easily installed and removed and are suitable for both temporary and permanent solutions. They can be made with the concrete and the rest of the flooring. The structure consists of prefabricated elements, which are installed on the existing junction parking to increase the number of parking spaces. The system can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.
It is possible to install additional parking spaces, by increasing the number of modules to multiple cell width 5.0 m, 5.2 m, 5.4 m, 5.6 m, 6.0 m, 7.0 m

Parking of tower kind

This parking can be plaсed: ground, underground, and combined (above ground and underground)
 - The average area occupied by one car is just over 1m2, that is in the area of 54 m2 can accommodate up about 52 cars;
 - Fast speed of transmission cars;
-  An environmentally friendly parking lot;
-  Designed for residential and office buildings.
Own height parking can not be more than 50 m, in this case cars will be available at level 25. At each level provides two parking spaces, separated by a vertical conveying shaft.
The maximum building area for a single vertical parking is about 42 m2.

Parking of warehouse type

This parking can be plaсed: ground, underground, and combined  (above ground and underground)
 - The system is fully automated with the principle of sequential placement machines;
 - High speed and efficiency;
 - The system can take to park a few cars to thousands of cars;
 - Fully enclosed buildings with a high degree of safety;
 - Required much less space for construction compared to conventional parking;
 - The system design can be developed under the existing project with a complex configuration;
 - Low operating costs;
 - A high degree of safety for vehicles and absolute safety for drivers;
 - Easy installation and maintenance.

Semi-automatic parking complexes

 - The system allows you to design parking lot from a few to hundreds of cars;
 - Easy to install and is easy-to-design;
- The unit cost of a parking space is the lowest (for systems up to 3 floors);
 - The procedures for effective operation of the leased spaces;
 - The system is flexible and allows you to design the most efficient use of existing land, including  topography;
 - The system can be used, and both terrestrial and underground form.
 - Management methods:
   -  buttons set for each parking space;
    - centralized management from a central monitor;
   -  through the personal smart card;
 - It ispossible partly penetration of the system.

Semi-automatic parking systems (2-tier)

They are designed for open and close (with a light frame construction) storage in tight urban settings, in close proximity to homes. SAP uses a combination of transverse displacement and lifting.
Entering and leaving the car is on a pallet, which moves up and down and transversely. It  can accommodate a few blocks of the system depending on the site.
The design is modular, allowing it to be dismantled and moved to a new location. The number of levels is 2, the number of rows  is from 3 to 8.
The main advantages of this type of design are:
 - Minimum terms of design;
 - Minimum requirements for engineering support;
 - Easy and fast installation, the possibility of the assembly.

Dependent elevators (2-Rack)

Elevators  allow to increase  parking space by placing one car over another. In dependent parking system for the top-out car, you must first remove the lower car. Parking control by the driver.
These systems mechanized parking are mainly designed for a small number of vehicles (20 to 50) are relatively not expensive, easy to use, does not require major construction.
The parking platform can be lowered manually in case of power failure. No need to consolidate the attendant for each system. The low cost of the system. The system has a reliable, mechanical security.