Passenger elevators is the most common type of lifts.  This elevators is intended for homes, offices, hotels, cottages and this is an incomplete list of those areas where demand passenger elevators.

Passenger lifts are designed primarily to transport people. It is also allowed movement of goods, provided that the total mass of passengers with a load does not exceed the carrying capacity lift. Lifts for residential and office, hotel, panoramic and personal lifts - this is an incomplete list of the areas where they are needed. We are always ready to assist you in the selection, supply and installation of the most suitable elevator for your object. A wide range of lifting equipment allows us to operate successfully in all price segments elevator market, "economy", "business class" and "premium".

Modern passenger elevators can transport up to 30 people (capacity from 240 to 2500 kg) with speeds from 0.5 to 4.0 m / s (normal elevator) or up to 17 m / s (high lift). Electronic lift control can optimize the work of  the lift (elevator group), to reduce the waiting time, properly diluted passenger traffic.

Standard shaft dimensions