Pneumatic elevators  are driven by air pressure, without the use of cables, power and pistons. They are easier to install and ideal for existing homes due to their compact design. The car is driven by the pressure build - figuratively speaking, pneumatic lift works on the principle of the pump.

This type of elevators is very limited in the choice of options. Typically, the default options are offered:
- 94 cm in diameter;
- load capacity 200 kg;
- panoramic view - 360 degrees;
- speed: 0.2 m / s;
- height up to 11 m from the floor.
Lighting сabin halogen lights, call buttons and controls inside the cabin are highlighted on each floor.
Power - DC 24V.
Doors of opportunity opening as one and two sides.
Switch safe pressure activated in case of falling elevator and stops it after two centimeters move, power outages provides a smooth descent to the ground floor; material mines and doors is polycarbonate and the roof of the mine and cabin are made of special steel and plastic.
Doors providing sealing.
Panic alarm is located in the cockpit along with emergency ventilation.
Cab roof gasket to ensure normal pressure and for passengers.
Hold system is activated as soon as the elevator rose to the desired floor.
Pump part can be arranged and located in different places, both in the mine, above, or separately, at a distance of not more than 9-10 m from the mine.