We offer the following activities:

1) New buildings:

  • Provide professional advice and consultation on the choice of lift equipment;
  • Providing technical task for design elevator shafts;
  • Coordination custom documentation;
  • The design works for installation of elevator equipment;
  • Construction of all types of elevator shafts -  brick, metal frame  (inside and adjacent) and panoramic (metal plus glass);
  • Ordering and delivery of domestic and imported lifts with electric and hydraulic drive;
  • Control the timing and quality manufacturing lifting equipment;
  • Conducting engineering supervision;
  • coordinate the full range of works on site;
  • Delivery of lifting equipment;
  • Installation of lifting equipment;
  • Construction and finishing work on mine, machine room and pit;
  • Commissioning;
  • SLM device systems;
  • Registration of passport in the State Committee.

2) Complete and partial replacement of elevators (including the design works on replacement of elevator equipment).

3) Modernization of elevator equipment.

Our company provides services to perform partial and full maintenance of elevators, and around the clock service, with round the clock presence of technical staff . That can eliminate accidents and malfunctions of elevators in the shortest time.

The principle of our company - the full scope of work on the facility from design to delivery lift under the "key".
All the above work is carried out by our qualified and experienced staff, fitters in regulatory terms, thereby LLC "Elitlift-21" strong as completed works, and it gives us the opportunity to further cooperation with our customers.

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