Travelator is widely distributed in major shopping malls, airports, train stations, exhibition centers.
Travelator can be as inclined (as a replacement for the escalator) and horizontal. Inclined travelator has a significant advantage over the escalator, in the absence of steps on the travelator is much more convenient and easier to navigate with children and wheelchair or grocery cart. On the other hand, the travelator has limitations - its slope can not be quite steep, in contrast to the escalator.
The slopes of 10 º, 11 º, 12 º are the common international standards for inclined running tracks (moving walkways). Users find that the inclination of 10 º provides the most convenient travel. Inclination of 12 º is used mainly in small spaces.

Optimal width of steps, pallets and rubber sheet

On the travelator (10 º -12 º), used pallets of wide 800 and 1000 mm. Most widespread width is the width of 1000 mm. These pallets are used mainly in shopping centers and railway stations, as such a size suitable to move store and luggage carts.

Lifting height



Maximum slope


Horizontal run (mm)

No restrictions


≤ 0,75 m/s

0 º -6º

Not required


Under the standard



10º -12º

400 over


>0,75≤0,9 m/s


1600 top and bottom, width pallets≤ 1,1 m


≤0,5 m/s

10º -12º